The Croatian Orthopaedic Society of the Croatian Medical Association

Short Form:


The Croatian Orthopaedic Society gathers specialists, residents, and other medical and non-medical personnel involved in treating afflictions of the locomotor system.

Mission: to ensure the highest level of quality in health care for each patient, especially pertaining to their locomotor system, backed by constant ongoing education of the medical and non-medical personnel through a series of scientific and professional meetings and projects.

Fundamental values: the patient is the centre of attention, development of quality professional knowledge and skills, consistency, creativity and competence, mutual respect and acceptance of differences to ensure optimal care, formation of an environment in which professionalism, expertise, and loyalty are rewarded, while unprofessional behavior and lack of commitment are sanctioned.

Vision: caring for each individual patient through the following obligations:
1. Ensuring the most effective medical care within the domain of Orthopaedics and Traumatology by way of forming standardized treatment protocols.
2. Enabling further development, advancement, and unification of the Orthopaedic and Traumatologic professions.
3. Creating and educating expert medical personnel and young researchers
4. Working in a responsible, transparent, and approachable manner.

Strategy for development of the profession: management through the national health strategy, but also through the shared strategy of the European Union, which resides upon the foundations of solidarity, security, and prosperity.

Important tasks: realization of cooperation with expert and educational organizations, expert associations within the Croatian Medical Association in fields of common interests, related expert and educational associations in other countries, suggesting measures for advancement and improvement of work within the professional and scientific spheres of our vocation, care for and development of the principles of interconnection and medical ethics among members, offering expert opinions, and suggestion scientific projects.

International cooperation: the leading tasks of the Society would be to nurture relationships with associations akin to ours, especially EFFORT and SICOT, to actively participate in the program for the AnicaBitenc fellowship, EFFORT fellowship, and to develop the cooperation in the region of south-eastern Europe.

Sections:Section for translational medicine, Youth section of CrOS, Section for trauma of the locomotor system, Section for joint surgery, Section for orthotics and prosthetics.